Garage Nightmare

Trying to clean my garage with Clare around is akin to sweeping sand off the beach. She managed to empty every bag and trample every pile. At one point she donned a complete snow suit with snow boots and jacket and then went in to the backyard. I was enjoying this brief respite until I realized it was too quiet. Clare had decided to make “snow” with a bar of soap all over herself and the patio table. You can only whine in defeat over this.

20140520 180230 64950783  Garage Nightmare

20140520 180230 64950110  Garage Nightmare

Luck of the Irish?

For the past four years or so I have been a loyal customer of *golden* custom sewn tees.  They are adorable clothes, mainly t-shits, that are designed by an amazingly creative and talented mom who has now become my friend. I use her to create one of a kind outfits for many special occasions such as birthdays and holidays for my girls.

*golden* recently had a contest where the winner would win a year of adorable shirts – one a month!!!!  I never suspected that I could win since she has around 2,500 fans on her facebook page.  But, I did!!!! I was so excited!  So far, I’ve received Kate’s super cute Hello Kitty birthday tee, V-day tee and beyond awesome St. Patty’s day tee!  I’m getting them for Kate so I can hopefully use most of them for Clare eventually.  I’m thinking in addition to being a great designer my friend at *golden* is also a savvy business women since I end up purchasing a coordinating tee for Clare as well. :/  I just can’t stand the cuteness!!!

IMG 0025 e1332700318290 333x500  Luck of the Irish?

Kate's awesome leprechaun shirt

IMG 0095 e1332700377259 333x500  Luck of the Irish?

*golden* V-day shirt and matching skirt

IMG 0151 e1332700432683 333x500  Luck of the Irish?

Kate's 4th Birthday Tee

IMG 0127 e1332700470368 333x500  Luck of the Irish?

Clare's matching tee