Kate’s first Disney Princess Costume

Kate attended a princess dress-up birthday party earlier this month and I thought it was time that she had her own Disney Princess costume.  She chose to be Ariel in her dress, not her mermaid outfit.  Unfortunately the day before she took a header off the swing at school and pretty much slid to a stop on her face.  I should have done a close up of the road rash on her forehead, nose and chin.  She wasn’t phased.

IMG 0023 e1332697739580 333x500  Kate’s first Disney Princess Costume

Win an awesome camera

So, I’m trying to win a super cool DSLR. I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to enter.  Mainly by signing up for social networking things.  The good news is you can join in on all this fun too by clicking here: http://bit.ly/yywo29

(I also get more entries if you sign up)  🙂

Clare at dance

Kate is on the mini team at her dance studio’s company (competitive dance group).  I know, I know.  We can discuss the issues I am sure many people see with that at a later time.  So far, for me, the only issue is wrangling my very active 19-month old while Kate is in class.

Clare always has to watch the girls from out side the studio.  But, when she gets a chance to go in an empty room she goes nuts.  Here are some videos showing some moves she has picked up. 🙂


First Haircut!

Most kids get their first haircut at a much younger age. Kate, however, at nearly four has just received her first!  I’ve never been great at styling her hair and the thinness and messy curliness of it has always presented a challenge for me.  I hesitated to cut it because I thought I needed the length in order to properly style it.  Well, it was getting gross.  The old baby hair just had to go.  I had to get my hair done so I asked my long-time stylist, Laurie (also the sister of my dear friend Denise), if she would be able to fit in Kate as well.  She had time and here are the results! Kate did protest a little bit.  She hates getting her head wet and the blow drier so I am surprised she didn’t freak out more.  When I was putting her in the chair for the cut she went stiff as a board so she couldn’t sit and kept sliding down.  Glad I had an extra dose of patience that morning.  I am so glad that I finally did this and I should have done it a lot earlier.  Of course now that I have washed her hair I will never be able to do it like Laurie again.  Oh well.


IMG 6507 420x280  First Haircut!

Before (scary)

IMG 6513 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6515 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6517 e1326821621858 333x500  First Haircut!

IMG 6518 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6520 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6526 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6528 420x280  First Haircut!


IMG 6530 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6529 420x280  First Haircut!

A chore?

Wow.  It has been way toooo long since I have updated my blog.  I think this blog has become more of a chore rather than a pleasure.  Uploading pictures takes so much time.  Finding words has also become a challenge.  This is odd since writing is one of my loves. I won’t boast that I have the best writing skills or that my grammar is in any way correct, but it is something I have enjoyed for a very long time.  However, I just can’t seem to express how I really feel on this blog.  I guess I am too afraid of who is reading this and who I might alienate or offend.  Does anyone read this thing anyway?

If you go back through my archives you can find when I blogged on my amazing trip to India.  Now, those are posts that I am proud of.  I truly enjoyed putting those words and pictures up.  Maybe it was easier then.  I wish I could say that the day to day goings on with my kids inspired me enough to blog daily but we all know that is not the case. :)  The blog became a chore to keep family/friends updated on my family.  Is that its purpose? Or is it a creative outlet for me?  I could say that my goal is to update more often, as I have said before, or that I will just post pictures or that I will now make an effort to express myself.  I really don’t think that is going to happen.  In the meantime, here are some interesting things.

I saw a baby be born.  Let me tell you, it is a completely different experience birthing the child yourself compared to watching someone do it!  It was overwhelming emotionally.  I really can not express enough the gratitude I feel that my friend and her husband allowed me to witness this life-changing event that is so personal and intimate to their own family.  It is something I will never forget and always be grateful for.  I hated seeing my friend in pain but I was so impressed with how hard she worked and how strong she was.  And the result was a beautiful, precious new baby girl, a new person in our lives to love forever.

IMG 6273 420x280  A chore?

Meet Morgan Jean

I’ve lost some weight.  At least 30 lbs.  Probably more towards 37.  I still want to lose a lot more.  I’m still about 20 more lbs than when I got married eight years ago.  Yeah, do the math.  Two kids and blissful ignorance of what makes you fat can do some damage over eight years.  I’ve lost weight before and gained it back.  This time, I will not let that happen.  The difference is that I have never said that before.  I always thought that once I was at a manageable weight I could start eating again.  So not true.  I know this will send nutritionists a-spin but if you want to lose weight and not gain weight – DON’T EAT.  If you are trying to lose weight and having problems then I can tell you that what you think is eating less is not.  Granted I am not a specialist or educated professionally on this matter but this is my own personal opinion.  Exercise doesn’t really do much.  It definitely helps a lot and is good for your heart, bones and organs and most certainly should be done however, if you want to lose weight, eat very little. In all honesty I am doing the exact opposite at this current point in time.  My goal is to not gain over 5 lbs during the holidays and jump back on the wagon in full force starting in January.  I’ve given myself a year to lose this weight instead of my normal crash diets where I lose fast and gain back even faster.  I was going to post a before and after photo.  But, I am really not ready for that yet and I am not at my true “after”.  Plus, I am horribly afraid that you will look at the two photos and not see a difference!!

I need your help!

On Sunday, October 16, the CHOC Walk in the Park will take place at Disneyland® Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park®. Over 14,000 men, women and children of all ages will join together, each with their own “reasons to walk” for CHOC Children’s and CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital.

Once again I will support the “Walking Along with Abby” group. Last year, I was the highest donation generator in the group of 29 people with just over $1200 contributed. This could not have been accomplished without the generous giving from my friends and family. My goal in 2011 is to hit $1500 and I know YOU can help make that happen!

Abby, who Kate and I met in Gymboree over three years ago, suffers from Neurofibromatosis (NF). The teams at CHOC are dedicated along with her family to improving Abby’s health and your contribution will help them in this battle. Each year, I am continually humbled and inspired by the incredible grace, love and positive attitude Abby’s parents posses and I do this walk just as much for them as the many children in need.

Anything you can provide is a huge help. Thank you so much for your consideration. Please forward the donation link to other friends and family you think would be interested.
Click here to donate.  If you prefer to donate offline via check please email me at tammy “dot” dunst “at” gmail “dot” com for information on how to do this.
Much love,

402642213 FYQnZ X2 420x280  I need your help!

Abby - CHOC Walk 2008

402459855 qGEYk X2 420x280  I need your help!

Our team - CHOC Walk 2008

IMG 4432 edited 1 375x500  I need your help!

Brett and Kate - CHOC Walk 2009

IMG 4470 420x315  I need your help!

Abby, her mom Cara and friends - CHOC Walk 2009

IMG 5500 420x315  I need your help!

Kate and Clare - CHOC Walk 2010

IMG 5506 e1315072279650 375x500  I need your help!

Abby and Cara - CHOC Walk 2010

IMG 5507 420x315  I need your help!

Our group - CHOC Walk 2010