Holy Hotness

So, we pretty much won’t be leaving the house today.   Although I did consider taking Kate to the park to let her run around and get exhausted to guarantee a nap.

IMG 0018 420x280  Holy Hotness

Yep, it says 109.3 degrees outside.

Clare is now three months old and just adorable.  From the recent video post you can see how much she is talking or trying to communicate.  She loves interacting with Kate.  Her next doctor’s appointment isn’t until 4-months so no stats to update this time.  Here are some pictures I remembered late to take. I have now entered a monthly reminder in my calendar so I can be sure to take her picture on the 22nd of each month.  It seems I never missed with Kate and always had some new, cute outfit to put her in.  Poor Clare. She smiles at me all the time with these huge, chubby cheeks and adorable dimple.  However, when taking pictures she is more interested in staring at the camera then looking at me and smiling.

IMG 00051 420x280  Holy Hotness

IMG 0013 420x280  Holy Hotness

IMG 0012 420x280  Holy Hotness

IMG 0007 e1285624419587 333x500  Holy Hotness

IMG 0008 420x280  Holy Hotness

Kate decided to decorate herself with stickers.  She called it her “birthday hat”.

IMG 0017 420x280  Holy Hotness