Happy Father’s Day!

Pretty much every day I think how lucky I am to have the amazing father that I do.  No one is perfect but it was clear and evident throughout my childhood that my dad’s #1 priority was his family.  Because of this I never felt that I wanted to for anything and I can honestly say that I had the best childhood and wouldn’t change a thing.  The main sentiments that I remember are fun, love and adventure.  My dad wanted this for my brother and I and, along with my mom, did everything he could to make it happen.  I am proud to have my dad as my father and I hope I can give my children the same memories he provided to me.

When you get married, you are thinking of your new husband as how he fits with you.  You can really have no concept of how they will be as a father.  Boy did I luck out!  Brett has been a hands-on dad since he slept every night in my room at the hospital when Kate was born.  He changes diapers, makes food, packs the diaper bag and a lot of the time makes me feel guilty for how much he does!  We definitely have different parenting styles but they compliment each other well.  Kate is so blessed to have an amazing dad like Brett.

Moreover, I am grateful to have so many wonderful men in my life from my Grandpa, my uncle and the great family I now have because of Brett – his dad, uncle and grandfather.  Here’s to all the men out there that take an active role in their childrens’ lives and are the strong role models we all need to become responsible parents ourselves!!  I love you guys!

Kate was 6-months old in this picture.

fam 111 333x500  Happy Father’s Day!

A great picture of Brett, his dad Frank and grandpa Frank + Kate.

IMG 2614 420x315  Happy Father’s Day!

I can’t find any pictures of me with my dad when I was little.  My mom has most of these.  Here is one that I love of my dad and Kate.

05 04 08 028 420x315  Happy Father’s Day!

IMG 3943 420x280  Happy Father’s Day!

hunnybunny1 420x420  Happy Father’s Day!