OC Fair Filmstrip 2011

Our annual photo booth pictures!  This almost didn’t happen due to Brett’s crazy work schedule but thankfully it all came together so we could go as the family to the fair.  Brett got his dippin dots and we were able to see my photograph on display.

OC Fair Filmstrip 2011 102x500  OC Fair Filmstrip 2011

I realized I never put up the picture from 2010.  Maybe it was because it isn’t very good.  Clare is only a month or so old and was out of focus and pimple-covered.  Anyway, here it is.  And, here is the link to the last two years as well.

OC Fair filmstrip 2010 104x500  OC Fair Filmstrip 2011

OC Fair Filmstrips

We decided to make it a tradition to get a family picture each year at the OC Fair in one of those film booths. I picked the wrong booth this year and the photo was very low quality and basically a digital picture printed via inkjet on photo paper. The one from last year is much better and seems to be an actual developed photo. Must find that one next year.

2008 – Kate is 5.5 or 6 months

2009 – Kate is 18-months