Clare at dance

Kate is on the mini team at her dance studio’s company (competitive dance group).  I know, I know.  We can discuss the issues I am sure many people see with that at a later time.  So far, for me, the only issue is wrangling my very active 19-month old while Kate is in class.

Clare always has to watch the girls from out side the studio.  But, when she gets a chance to go in an empty room she goes nuts.  Here are some videos showing some moves she has picked up. 🙂


Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

Clare rolled over today from her back to her tummy!  Unfortunately I thought to get the camera once she was already a little irritable so you can’t see how excited she was once she first figured it out.  She was squealing and kicking her legs like crazy!

We’re in the movies!

Here is a recent movie of Kate that I shot with my new FlipHD camcorder, received as a gift from my family at my birthday.  Make sure you go to youtube and subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when new videos are up!  If you can’t find my videos search for “tmdunst”.