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I really wish that I could post more often.  I love how they do it over at Gomez Rocks.  Fun pictures, straight-forward commentary.  I aspire to be more like that.  However, I have an over-abundance of words that need to get out.  The sad thing is that I don’t even really like what I write since I heavily edit it for the benefit of the readers of this blog (and who’s kidding, it is all my family).  Anyway, in homage to the Gomez Fam here are some pictures to catch you up on the last two months.

Clare 7-months

IMG 0004 420x280  Catch up

IMG 0007 420x280  Catch up

IMG 0015 420x280  Catch up

Fun with playgroup friends

IMG 0026 420x280  Catch up

Camping in San Clemente for New Year

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IMG 00071 420x280  Catch up

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Washing dishes with (great) Gramps

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Christmas Day

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Christmas Eve

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Fat Santa

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Bugs and growing babies

I never realized how busy Halloween can be when you have littles!  On Saturday the 30th, we had our playgroup family Halloween party and later that evening, Brett and I were able to have some adult-fun at the annual DreamHost Halloween party.  Trick-or-Treating topped off the weekend.  But, before we get to that, guess who is 4-months old! (I realize this is a tad late since Clare will be 5-months next week, but what are you going to do?)

IMG 5543 420x280  Bugs and growing babies


Weight – 13.11 lbs, 50%

Height – 24 3/4″, 70%

Head circumference – 42″

At 4-months, Kate was 14.14 lbs and 24 3/4″!  You can see my 4-month post on her here.  Wow, they really do look a lot alike. I am wondering if Kate weighed more because she was formula-fed and Clare is breastfed.  Clare is also enjoying the same exersaucer and is an avid communicator.  She only needs to make eye contact with you to smile and she constantly is making little squeals and grunts.  A total cuddle-bug and another thumb-sucker.

IMG 5564 420x280  Bugs and growing babies

IMG 5566 420x280  Bugs and growing babies

IMG 5544 420x280  Bugs and growing babies

I had a couple of bugs around here for Halloween.

A ladybug…IMG 5596 e1289889744655 333x500  Bugs and growing babies

IMG 5605 e1289889774955 333x500  Bugs and growing babies

IMG 5614 420x280  Bugs and growing babies

…and a butterfly to be exact.

IMG 5573 e1289889879476 333x500  Bugs and growing babies

Clare’s costume wasn’t very functional so at our playgroup party she wore a fun onsie that said Pumpkin Princess with an adorable custom tutu and headband that my friend, Lynn, made for her.

IMG 00491 e1289891737716 333x500  Bugs and growing babies

Brett and I had an amazing time at the DreamHost Halloween party.  Last year, we went with a group of friends as renaissance people and won the group prize.  This year, we all went as geishas and samurais and won the group award again!  Our friend Jason spent months hand making an awesome samurai warrior costume so we decided to have that be the theme for the group.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of him alone but you can see him peeking out behind the group of Asian lovelies.

IMG 5549 420x315  Bugs and growing babies

Brett was the “sensei master” and my costume was called “jade princess” but I’m not sure what that means.  All I know is that all the girls succeeded in looking like Asian hookers!

IMG 5537 e1289892080253 375x500  Bugs and growing babies

The party was at the most amazing venue called the Edison.  I hope they have it there again.  I pretty much wanted to move in to the place.  It gave me the idea for our group to dress in steampunk for next year.

I am lucky that my brother Anthony and his fiancee Cherise (yep my baby bro is engaged!!!!) also go with us to this party.  It is always fun having them around!

IMG 5550 420x315  Bugs and growing babies

IMG 55441 420x315  Bugs and growing babies

We had some of Kate’s friends over on Halloween, along with their parentals, to do trick or treating around our neighborhood. I was happy to discover that we have a great treat giving street!  We only made it down our street and half of the one below us before the kids pooped out.  I want to make it a tradition to have the kids and parents over every Halloween for trick or treating and hot apple cider and sweets after.  It reminds me of the amazing Halloween memories I have growing up on LeRoy.

How tall this fall?

I captured Kate’s height once again at our annual Mom’s group trip to the Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch.  Like a dumb dumb I forgot to get a pic of Clare next to the growth chart.  Typical second child neglect.  Oh well, my excuse is that it is only for children that are standing.  Yeah, that works.

October 2008

IMG 2997 e1288417296738 375x500  How tall this fall?

October 2009

IMG 4406 e1288417694632 375x500  How tall this fall?

October 2010

IMG 0116 e1288417712254 333x500  How tall this fall?

IMG 0115 420x280  How tall this fall?

I seriously had to take 552 shots to get 2 pictures of them both looking at the camera at the same time.  I am glad there were so many other mothers around when I was trying to do this or pumpkins would have been rolling.  But it was worth it, wasn’t it?

IMG 0114 420x280  How tall this fall?

IMG 0101 e1288418830201 333x500  How tall this fall?

IMG 0083 420x280  How tall this fall?

No more diapers (well, at least big ones)

Kate is finally, gloriously free from diapers.  I seriously was having major issues with changing her adult sized messes.  It was time.  I was concerned with this significant change and how it would affect her since she was still adjusting to being a big sister.  But, I wasn’t about to continue change two kid’s diapers for very long.

A friend gave me a potting training method that is supposed to take 3 days.  So we locked ourselves in the house on Labor Day weekend and followed the program.  The great thing about this method is that you are forced to go cold turkey – no diapers for naps or bedtime, no pull-ups, etc.  We went straight to underpants.  Instead of asking her if she had to go potty we advised her to tell us when she had to go thus putting her in charge – a key factor for Kate’s personality.  It took two days before she would tell us (I had to look for her “ques” and rush her to the potty) but by the third she was a pro!

I made a Pee Pee and Poo Poo Chart for Kate.  She picked stickers out of a pink treasure chest and put them on the charts.  When she filled a whole row she got a big prize!

IMG 0004 420x280  No more diapers (well, at least big ones)

IMG 0002 420x280  No more diapers (well, at least big ones)

When Papa Tony came over he did such a good job going to the potty that he got a sticker too.

IMG 0005 420x280  No more diapers (well, at least big ones)

The pee pee training went really well but the poo poo was another story.  A dramatic story.  We won’t go into details.  They are stinky and messy if you get my drift.  Ideally the kid is supposed to be trained by the end of 3 days.  Well, it took us a few weeks but I am happy to report that Kate is totally potty training now!!  We had a few unpleasant accidents here and there but now Kate tells us when she has to go potty, sleeps through the night and wakes dry (or calls to us to take her to the bathroom) and I can’t remember the last time she had an accident!

Here is a photo I will be sure to share with her future boyfriend!

IMG 00041 e1286676596157 333x500  No more diapers (well, at least big ones)

Holy Hotness

So, we pretty much won’t be leaving the house today.   Although I did consider taking Kate to the park to let her run around and get exhausted to guarantee a nap.

IMG 0018 420x280  Holy Hotness

Yep, it says 109.3 degrees outside.

Clare is now three months old and just adorable.  From the recent video post you can see how much she is talking or trying to communicate.  She loves interacting with Kate.  Her next doctor’s appointment isn’t until 4-months so no stats to update this time.  Here are some pictures I remembered late to take. I have now entered a monthly reminder in my calendar so I can be sure to take her picture on the 22nd of each month.  It seems I never missed with Kate and always had some new, cute outfit to put her in.  Poor Clare. She smiles at me all the time with these huge, chubby cheeks and adorable dimple.  However, when taking pictures she is more interested in staring at the camera then looking at me and smiling.

IMG 00051 420x280  Holy Hotness

IMG 0013 420x280  Holy Hotness

IMG 0012 420x280  Holy Hotness

IMG 0007 e1285624419587 333x500  Holy Hotness

IMG 0008 420x280  Holy Hotness

Kate decided to decorate herself with stickers.  She called it her “birthday hat”.

IMG 0017 420x280  Holy Hotness

Clare is 2-months!

On August 22, sweet baby munchkin turned 2-months!  I really am not liking how fast this is all moving.  With Kate it seemed that I took in every single moment with such amazement and awe.  It was such a learning experience and such a new experience.  Poor Clare has to compete with a crazy toddler needing constant attention as well.  I’m trying to catalog the moments in my head but it is definitely a challenge.  Clare already has way less pictures and videos than Kate did.  This is why I am so glad that I am again utilizing the talents of  Tonya for the monthly photo sessions for Clare’s first year.

In addition to Tonya’s pictures I also want to take monthly photos of Clare in Kate’s pink kid chair.  I did this with Kate in the big rocking chair in her room. I almost forgot to do this so Clare is fast asleep.  I wasn’t about to wake her up!

IMG 5492 420x315  Clare is 2-months!

IMG 5490 420x315  Clare is 2-months!

Clare received her first round of shots and was a trooper.  She was shocked and cried but was calmed quickly.  Her weight was 12lbs and length 23 1/4″.  The doctor said she is in the 75th percentile for weight and height.  She seems so much bigger than Kate but I looked back to my blog post for Kate’s 2-month and she was exactly 23 1/4″ and weighed 11.10lbs and was also in the 75th percentile!

IMG 5540 edited 1 420x315  Clare is 2-months!

Clare smiles like crazy – especially in the morning.  It is as if she missed me all night and is very happy to see me again.  She also loves/is starting to watch Kate intently and gives her some great smiles.  I am so lucky to have such adorable little girls if I do say so myself!

IMG 5527 edited 1 420x315  Clare is 2-months!

IMG 5528 420x315  Clare is 2-months!

On August 24th, Brett and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  Things are very hectic right now and actually over the past two years we haven’t had much time to focus on just us but we still manage to laugh at ourselves and have fun.  Luckily, I have an amazing babysitter who is practically part of the family.  Brittany came over after her day job to watch the girls so Brett and I could go to dinner.  I was exhausted and felt greasy but it was nice to have some adult time.

Photo 2004 1 13 5 5 9 edited 396x500  Clare is 2-months!August 24, 2003 – Trump National Golf Course, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

IMG 5496 420x315  Clare is 2-months!August 24, 2010 – Downtown Orange, CA

All we did pretty much was talk about the kids.  At one point Brett said how much he loved Kate and how he was sitting the other day with both the girls on him and he just couldn’t believe it was him there with them.  As much grief I give him, both deserved and undeserved, I know I couldn’t have picked a better father or for that matter some one that would put up with me!  I  know he won’t believe this but I truly know it was God that brought us together.

IMG 5499 edited 1 392x500  Clare is 2-months!

We’re in the movies!

Here is a recent movie of Kate that I shot with my new FlipHD camcorder, received as a gift from my family at my birthday.  Make sure you go to youtube and subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when new videos are up!  If you can’t find my videos search for “tmdunst”.