Kate’s Birthday

Disneyland holds a special place in this family’s heart so naturally we love to celebrate special occasions at the happiest place on earth.  Brett was able to take a half day and meet us to enjoy the beautiful day.  We stayed late in to the evening to take in the new “World of Color”.  We had seen it a few months ago and did not have wonderful seats and overall I was very disappointed.  However, this time, we took advantage of the special dining package.  Basically you eat at a specified restaurant and a fixed meal and get priority seat tickets.  The new perspective made all the difference.  I thought the show was beautiful.

Overall, I think Kate had a blast.  Her current fav ride is the Matterhorn.

First off, let’s take a look at Kate in her chair at one year and now, at three years.

IMG 0462 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

IMG 0006 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

IMG 0008 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

And of course we need one with baby sister as well.

IMG 0016 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Next, let’s look at Kate last year with Minnie Mouse on her birthday and this year with Minnie.

IMG 5360 e1298150208313 333x500  Kate’s Birthday

IMG 0040 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Minnie doesn’t seem to have aged at all.

Kate’s gift from Nana Wende and Papa Tony was her very own annual pass to Disneyland!  I was content to let her still slide in under the radar but Brett and my mom would not have that.  So, as a right of passage for a proper orange county girl, at three, Kate now has a Premium Annual Pass.  Hopefully my parents will continue to purchase this. {smile}

Getting her picture taken.

IMG 0032 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

IMG 0033 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Yay!  An almost $500 flimsy piece of plastic.  But, oh the memories it will be responsible for!

Love this picture with Clare’s hand on Kate.

IMG 0017 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Having fun with Papa Tony.

IMG 0021 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Two peas in a pod.

IMG 0025 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Birthday candle #1.

IMG 0030 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

IMG 0031 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

And #2.

IMG 0041 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

So glad my parent’s have annual passes too!

IMG 0046 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl.  I can hardly believe that three years have gone by.  You astound me every day with how observant, humorous and unique you are. I can’t wait to see the person you will become.

IMG 0043 420x280  Kate’s Birthday

Long time, no blog

It really has been a long time since I have posted anything. Work has been so busy that it has prevented a timely update of this site. Also, something happened with blogger so Brett has now moved me to wordpress, which has also delayed the updates. I’ve decided to just start posting what I can and catch up with the past few months when I can. I won’t worry about the look of the blog and the links until I have time to do so.

The last few months in a nutshell? Kate turned 2! I also don’t think I made an official announcement on the site that I am pregnant with another girl! She is due June 29. Here are some pics. More to come later.

IMG 4768 1024x682  Long time, no blog

Taken at thanksgiving when we announced the good news! Unfortunately, none of the family really got it so we had to ask them to read the shirt.

IMG 4895 1024x682  Long time, no blog

Happy New Year! 23-months!

IMG 5282 1024x682  Long time, no blog

24-months! Two years of monthly pictures in this chair!

IMG 5336 e1269240456740 682x1024  Long time, no blog

At Disneyland on Kate's 2nd Birthday

IMG 5360 e1269240710506 682x1024  Long time, no blog

Kate and "Mimmie". (her boyfriend is "Mickmie")

IMG 5042 1024x682  Long time, no blog

Kate had so much fun with her friend's for a Play and Art Party at Gymboree!


Kate was officially 22-months as of December 1. She is geared up for the holidays and fully knows who Santa is. Everytime she seems him on TV or in a book she says, “Santa”! However that excitement quickly turns to horror when in person she realizes she has to sit on his lap. So far she hasn’t cried uncontrollably but just has a general look of fear and betrayal on her tiny face. Here are some pictures to illustrate.

Kate and Gemma (13-months)

Kate with Disney Santa

Flashing gang signs (we start them early in OC)