Tiny Dancer

Kate has been taking a dance class with some of her friends every Thursday. She gets to practice tap and ballet. At first she was shy and timid but now she is really warming up and having a lot of fun. I don’t have high hopes for a future in dance given the coordination deficiencies of her parents but at least for now we can enjoy it. 🙂

Oh and Kate is now 20-months old! I can hardly believe that in 4-months my sweet baby will be a 2-year old!! I am off to Toronto next week and hopefully I won’t need to travel again until February!

20-month old pictures in her chair!

Getting stickers at the end of dance class.

Holding hands with her friend Layla. Kate can say Layla too which is adorable.

Layla, Kate and Aerowyn. These kiddos have been in Gymboree together since around 3-months of age. We now get them together in our mom’s group and also at dance and art class.

Layla and Kate. Kate is 2-months younger than Layla and Aerowyn. Looks like she is going to be tall!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer

  1. i love her…she is getting so big…crazy how fast they grow…she is beautiful!



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