Long time, no blog

It really has been a long time since I have posted anything. Work has been so busy that it has prevented a timely update of this site. Also, something happened with blogger so Brett has now moved me to wordpress, which has also delayed the updates. I’ve decided to just start posting what I can and catch up with the past few months when I can. I won’t worry about the look of the blog and the links until I have time to do so.

The last few months in a nutshell? Kate turned 2! I also don’t think I made an official announcement on the site that I am pregnant with another girl! She is due June 29. Here are some pics. More to come later.

IMG 4768 1024x682  Long time, no blog

Taken at thanksgiving when we announced the good news! Unfortunately, none of the family really got it so we had to ask them to read the shirt.

IMG 4895 1024x682  Long time, no blog

Happy New Year! 23-months!

IMG 5282 1024x682  Long time, no blog

24-months! Two years of monthly pictures in this chair!

IMG 5336 e1269240456740 682x1024  Long time, no blog

At Disneyland on Kate's 2nd Birthday

IMG 5360 e1269240710506 682x1024  Long time, no blog

Kate and "Mimmie". (her boyfriend is "Mickmie")

IMG 5042 1024x682  Long time, no blog

Kate had so much fun with her friend's for a Play and Art Party at Gymboree!

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