Kate’s Birth

At 5:25 pm today, Kate will be three years old.  It is hard to believe that I even had a life before she came around.  Someone once told me that his previous life completely ceased to exist the moment his first child was born.  At the time, I couldn’t quite understand his sentiment.  Now, I do.  At first I thought this sounded ominous and negative.  After having a baby, I realize how true this is but the amazing part is that I don’t for one instant miss my previous life.  Yes, it was great, but nothing can compare to the joy, fun and love I have been privileged to experience since Kate’s birth.  I think the best way to summarize the before and after is “all about you” to “all for your child”.  Nothing can prepare you for being a parent so to be a good parent I think you just need to do the best you can for the kids you have.  And sometimes most of the time it is a lot of hard work to do the best you can but you just do it because you are so much in love.

Looking back on my blog I noticed that I didn’t have any pictures up from her actual birth day.  So, here they are. Later, I will post pictures from today!

IMG 1685 420x315  Kate’s Birth

Minutes old

IMG 1695 420x315  Kate’s Birth

7.4 lbs

IMG 1705 420x315  Kate’s Birth

Daddy love

IMG 1715 420x315  Kate’s Birth

Nana Patti, Uncle Kyle, Papa Frank

IMG 1713 420x315  Kate’s Birth

Great Gramps, Nana Wende, Papa Tony, Uncle Anthony

IMG 1716 edited 1 420x315  Kate’s Birth

Stacy and Steve

IMG 1717 420x315  Kate’s Birth

Aunt Cherise and Uncle Anthony

IMG 1719 420x315  Kate’s Birth

Aunt Stephani and Uncle Kyle

IMG 1712 e1296591218553 375x500  Kate’s Birth

My baby

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