Road Trip!

In March, the four of us set out on our first family road trip to Albuquerque, NM to visit Brett’s Aunt Marian, Uncle Richard, and Mama Ellie.  Brett’s parents Patti and Frank were also visiting at the same time.  Driving straight was out of the question so we stopped in Flagstaff, AZ overnight on the way out there and Kingman, AZ on the way back.  Brett and I were definitely intimidated by the thought of being trapped in the car with the kids for up to 8 hours in the middle of nowhere.  However, we were surprised at how easy the trip was.  The car part was fine – the hotel was like a torture chamber.  Being in a small room with a toddler is never fun.

Once in ABQ, we stayed at the Nygren’s beautiful adobe and were treated like royal guests.  We enjoyed drinks and appetizers on the patio and were treated to Mama Ellie’s famous chicken parmigiana.  I am so glad the girls were able to spend time with their great grandma!  Moreover, I am happy there were no serious incidents on this trip.  The last time we visited Brett collapsed as soon as we arrived to the house and had to go to the ER for dehydration.  Not a fun experience.

On the drive home through Flagstaff we were happy to find snow!  This was Kate’s first time seeing it so we let her play a little.  We can’t wait until we can go back out to see the family again!IMG 0003 420x280  Road Trip!

IMG 0005 420x280  Road Trip!

IMG 0010 420x280  Road Trip!

Aunt Marian and Clare

IMG 0012 420x280  Road Trip!

Mama Ellie and Clare

IMG 0016 420x280  Road Trip!

IMG 0028 420x280  Road Trip!

Uncle Richard and the girls

IMG 0045 420x280  Road Trip!


IMG 0042 420x280  Road Trip!

Had to stop at Cracker Barrel!

IMG 00391 420x280  Road Trip!

IMG 0034 edited 1 420x349  Road Trip!

IMG 0030 420x280  Road Trip!

IMG 0032 420x280  Road Trip!

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