First Haircut!

Most kids get their first haircut at a much younger age. Kate, however, at nearly four has just received her first!  I’ve never been great at styling her hair and the thinness and messy curliness of it has always presented a challenge for me.  I hesitated to cut it because I thought I needed the length in order to properly style it.  Well, it was getting gross.  The old baby hair just had to go.  I had to get my hair done so I asked my long-time stylist, Laurie (also the sister of my dear friend Denise), if she would be able to fit in Kate as well.  She had time and here are the results! Kate did protest a little bit.  She hates getting her head wet and the blow drier so I am surprised she didn’t freak out more.  When I was putting her in the chair for the cut she went stiff as a board so she couldn’t sit and kept sliding down.  Glad I had an extra dose of patience that morning.  I am so glad that I finally did this and I should have done it a lot earlier.  Of course now that I have washed her hair I will never be able to do it like Laurie again.  Oh well.


IMG 6507 420x280  First Haircut!

Before (scary)

IMG 6513 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6515 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6517 e1326821621858 333x500  First Haircut!

IMG 6518 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6520 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6526 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6528 420x280  First Haircut!


IMG 6530 420x280  First Haircut!

IMG 6529 420x280  First Haircut!